Three Line Tales, Week 61

The day they arrived was the day I rode my bike home. The rusty ringing of the tire rims against the soiled metal of my bike could be heard from a mile away.

When riding through a puddle in the wizened and cracked road, I heard it. The soft buzzing noise came from over the weeping horizon. Water dripped down my hair and onto my face. I could taste the rain, and smell its smoggy aroma.

That’s when I saw it. The silver propeller-like mechanical bird flew overhead. I knew I needed the run, that they were coming after all this time, but I didn’t, I just froze, the sound of a thousand pelting bullets from the distance.

Thanks so much to Sonya at Love the prompts you select.

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Imagination Is A Powerful Thing

I wake up to the sound of a loud *BEEP BEEP BEEP*. It’s my bleating alarm clock. I get up off of my drool-soaked pillow to get ready for the day. When I get to the school the sound of mixing and mingling fill my dreary eardrums. I plug in my earbuds for effect and play the Stranger Things soundtrack.

By the way, I CAN NOT WAIT until Season 2 of Stranger Things comes out this summer! Comment down below if you too are hyped.

Walking and weaving through the crowded halls, it feels like a warzone in here. Kids laugh hysterically. The music adds effect to the situation. The deep and low-key synth music fill my ears. I continue treading. I need to make it to my next class… Biology. I dodge the savages in the halls, imagining I’m Will from the Upside Down. I make it to the lacquered door and reach for the doorknob. But it is too late. The track ends and Imperial March starts ringing in my ears.

Here’s some more music to help narrate this tale…

I’m immersed in a starry mindscape, walking the squeaky-clean floors of the Death Star. A troupe of Stormtroopers spots me in the distance, followed by the menacing face of Darth Vader. I try to make it to the control room, but it is no use. The stormtroopers aim their blasters at me. The halls are empty. I reach the doorknob, but the bell rings over the sounds of sci-fi.

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In response to: Three Line Tales, Week 53
Image: Daniel Cheung


Everything was ready. The table was set with its elegant organization, and all that was left was the guests. The first guest to arrive was, of course, Desire. He arrived in a grey suit and a grey tie, sitting at the table, tapping his foot and waiting for the feast to begin. The second visitor, Embarrassment, came in a drab looking turncoat. When he saw that Desire had already arrived he blushed and then turned white, looking at his feet. Next came Fatigue. He carried a blanket over his back, and wore a starry nightcap. Once he arrived he fell straight asleep on his chair, snoring loudly.

Next came Boredom in his unbuttoned t-shirt and worn down sweats. He complained to everyone there. Suspicion came too, but he didn’t arrive through the front door. He came from an open window, cautiously making his way to the table filling with guests. Confidence and Delight, the newlyweds, arrived right on time with bright smiles and words of advice.

The last visitor of course came to be Sorrow. He rang the doorbell in tears, and when Delight answered she tried to comfort him, but it was no use. He had a sort of aura to himself. Sorrow sat down sulking in his seat, along with the rest of them, waiting for the feast to start…

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In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Fifty
Image: Annie Spratt

Kindergarten Jungle

The jungle is a scary place. Its filled with shrieking creatures about three feet tall, running and screaming everywhere they go. The jungle is dangerous place, filled with high man made mountain tops, and large swirling red waterfalls.

The jungle is a mysterious place, filled with crying and blisters on their hands. They run around like animals, playing tag, and climbing trees. I feel the wooden chips on my knees.

I duck behind the large concrete wall, my back cold against it. I sat here to escape the thing they call “recess”, and I paint on the wall, hidden from view. I paint my mural of my abstract thought, onto the cracked and worn wall. I still here the screaming and laughing from above. I take the pink flower I found this morning and glue it to the vibrant green stem that got slathered on the wall. This is my jungle.

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In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six
Image: Bruno Nascimento

Looking Through The Lens Of A Vintage Camera


I am looking through a vintage camera lens trying to capture the important things. But sometimes it is no use. Time is a blur of everyday life, full of business and stress. I look through the lens into a world of doing and not doing, working, singing, dancing, and living.

I look through the lens of the camera and see who people really are on the inside, no judgments and no stereotypes. I see myself through someone else’s eyes, one star the size of a grain of sand in an ever expanding universe full of  grains of sand, in a desert full of integrated and diverse cultures.

Forget the media, forget the rumors you hear, just live and except others. Forget about the politics pulling people apart at the seams of their once flawless tapestry. Forget about what other people tell you. You are one grain of sand , and that one grain of sand represents a star in the ever expanding universe of sand. You are a part of the desert of diverse and integrated cultures that makes you and this universe unique.

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In response to: Three Line Tales Week Forty Five by Sonya
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Weekly Quote #1/ Three Line Tale: The Meaning Of Happiness And Its Many Layers


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Happiness… as Dumbledore once said is a powerful thing. Not everyone can be happy, but what good ole Professor Dumbledore says is that happiness really can be found. What does this exactly mean per se?

So, me being a big Potterhead, decided to start a thing that I found called 3 Line Tales. And I thought that this would help me with getting more daily writing posts in. So, now I will start the Weekly Quote, this week as you can see is a Harry Potter quote. Here, I will post a quote that means something, inspires, or is quite funny. But… let me get on with what I was saying.

Dumbledore is simply saying, that no matter how hard of a time you are going through, there is always a light you can turn back on. And to me… that light is hope. There is always hope. We all have bad times, but we should never give up on ourselves. Happiness has many layers, and we have to pry each of them off to see someone’s true colors. Let’s take some advice from our good ole friend Dumbledore and turn on the light when your going through rough times.

Thank you Sonya at for providing the blogging community with these tales.

And thank you to J.K Rowling to all of the wonderful things she does for the world, whether it be her stories, to her incredible feats.

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In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Four
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