The Deli On Main Street

chop, chop, wrap, wrap, gulp

symphony of quality meats

ring in your bowels

© Boundless Daydreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week 60 
Image: Cathal Mac an Bheatha


Lets Uncomplicate Ourselves


 [verb kom-pli-keyt; adjective kom-pli-kit]
verb (used with object), complicated, complicating.

1. to make complex, intricate, involved, or difficult:

His recovery from the operation was complicated by an allergic reaction.
2. complex; involved.
3. Entomology. folded longitudinally one or more times, as the wings of certain insects.
This is the definition of complicate I found on I thought I should write a post based on this definition, because don’t we all hate complicated things in our lives most of the time. Okay, sometimes complicated things are okay, but most of the time they just hurt our brains. It’s different if you write a complex novel, or play a complex piece on your instrument, but most of the time we hate negative complicated things in our lives. So let us unwind for a while each day, and relieve all of that stress on your back. Because the truth is… we all accomplish things. Even if we only accomplish little by little, because we are on of a kind. Let us uncomplicate ourselves for awhile and release that nagging and hit in the back stress we all endure. Uncomplicate yourself.

© Boundless Daydreams 2016
Image: Nitish Meena

Stand Out and Rebel

Do you recall when people smiled?

Do you remember when kids laughed until they cried?

Do you recollect when people could be themselves without looking over their shoulder?

Do you remember when the world danced in the rain?

Do you recall when we watched movies together?

Do you recollect the times when we just drove with no destination in mind?

Do you recall feeling on top of the world your stresses behind you?

Do you remember when we weren’t divided by donkeys and blue elephants in the room?

Do you remember when we laughed and loved?

© Boundless Daydreams 2016
Image: Maxime Bhm