Manic Monday Musings 3/27/17

Here are your clips to help you get through your Manic Monday…

Why This Is Relevant

The term Casey Neistat uses “Do what you can’t” is what I think is the perfect statement for the new generation. It says that in our modern world today we can achieve and do anything we want to do, even if we think we can’t do it. Nowadays, if we put our minds to it, and we work with each other, we can do whatever we dream and aspire to do.

Why This Is Relevant

Beauty and the Beast came out recently and I have heard it is fantastic. This clip from The Late Late Show is really entertaining to watch and James Corden nails its witty humor. If you like musical theater and singing and dancing on a crosswalk, then this is the video for you.

Why This Is Relevant

Everyone knows Good Mythical Morning and their popular Youtube “Will It” videos. In this clip, Rhett and Link are back with Jimmy Fallon again making weird and disgusting s’more, and asking the age old question… will it? Enjoy this hilarious video, and check out their Will It Tea video here.

Why This Is Relevant

Rhett and Link from the Youtube sensation Good Mythical Morning finally reveal the cover of their debut “Book Of Mythicality” cover. I am stoked to read this book someday and you should be to.

Here Is The Cover:


You can pre-order it here.


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