Manic Monday Musings- 1/13/17

It Monday… again. To try to liven up my manic start of the week I will give you a folio of last week’s randomness from the interwebs, and maybe supply you with a few rants that come from the depths of my unraveling mess of a mind. Here it goes…

Let me explain my first item of business. The video above depicts a very epic scene where and iguana escapes from a hungry horde of snakes. When all hope seems lost the iguana escapes from a twisting and tangling knot of snakes and makes it safe and victorious to the top of the rocks. My orchestra conductor showed us this video to make our playing on a piece called Snake River Stomp to be more and aggressive and expressive (I just rhymed…). It’s a crazy cool video, and please check it out if you haven’t already.

No words to explain this… [Insert snicker].

I absolutely love this video of the Stranger Things cast getting their SAG reward. David Harbour helms their riveting speech while Wynona Ryder makes faces in the back. Just thought you would enjoy this…

That’s it for this week’s Manic Monday Musings!

Your’s Truly

Treven M.


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