WWW Wednesday 1/8/17

Its Wednesday, and here is my list of what I am currently reading, what I have recently read, and what I think I will read next… hosted by Sam @Taking On A World Of Words.



  • I am finally reading the first book of the Trials Of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle. Its is not as good as the Percy Jackson series but it is still really good so far.
  • I am also reading Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. I am finally almost done with reading one of the greatest book series ever! Can’t wait until Deathly Hallows…
  • The fifth book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events is okay so far.


  • Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book is enchanting and spine-tingling. I will read this one again someday. There is just something to Neil Gaiman I can’t put a finger on.
  • Illuminae was amazing. Period. A perfect mish-mash of spaceships, love, pink hair, crazy psycho maniacs, and a corrupted AI. Illuminae kept the pages turning, all 599 of them.
  • After I read the Graveyard Book, I decided to read the graphic novel which was recommended by my English teacher. The images are still plastered to the side of my brain like it was yesterday. Brilliantly illustrated and wonderfully told through the eyes of a young boy raised by ghosts.


  • I recently got Wonderstruck from the Book Fair awhile ago and will hopefully read it soon, because I am a big fan of The Invention Of Hugo Cabret.
  • Arabian Nights is supposed to be amazing as well. I actually got this book for Christmas.
  • I will eventually read all of the Jules Verne novels this year. Well not all of them but seven of them…

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