Manic Monday Musings 2/6/17

Today is my BIRTHDAY! That’s right, I am starting a new weekly post called Manic Monday Musings. Here are some memes and gifs to make you happy today…

Well, with those to hopefully make mine and your’s day let get on with some random musings (pretty much things that have flown through my mind lately).

So… Stranger Things. This is by far one of my most favorite TV shows of all time! I can’t wait until Stranger Things comes out on Halloween! Check out the trailer down below if you haven’t seen it yet because it looks absolutely and utterly amazing! A thirty-six second trailer that includes Eggos, red skies, the squad sporting Ghostbuster’s suits, and Eleven! Comment on what you thought down below.

I am actually re-watching Stranger Things with my brother and will hopefully post about it soon…

That’s it for today’s Manic Monday Musings, see you next time!



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