Imagination Is A Powerful Thing

I wake up to the sound of a loud *BEEP BEEP BEEP*. It’s my bleating alarm clock. I get up off of my drool-soaked pillow to get ready for the day. When I get to the school the sound of mixing and mingling fill my dreary eardrums. I plug in my earbuds for effect and play the Stranger Things soundtrack.

By the way, I CAN NOT WAIT until Season 2 of Stranger Things comes out this summer! Comment down below if you too are hyped.

Walking and weaving through the crowded halls, it feels like a warzone in here. Kids laugh hysterically. The music adds effect to the situation. The deep and low-key synth music fill my ears. I continue treading. I need to make it to my next class… Biology. I dodge the savages in the halls, imagining I’m Will from the Upside Down. I make it to the lacquered door and reach for the doorknob. But it is too late. The track ends and Imperial March starts ringing in my ears.

Here’s some more music to help narrate this tale…

I’m immersed in a starry mindscape, walking the squeaky-clean floors of the Death Star. A troupe of Stormtroopers spots me in the distance, followed by the menacing face of Darth Vader. I try to make it to the control room, but it is no use. The stormtroopers aim their blasters at me. The halls are empty. I reach the doorknob, but the bell rings over the sounds of sci-fi.

© Boundless Daydreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week 53
Image: Daniel Cheung


2 thoughts on “Imagination Is A Powerful Thing

  1. Stranger Things! Yes — looking forward to the release {although I thought it was Halloween? Maybe I misheard?}. Love your take on the Imperial Troopers — the march is still ringing in my head 😉


  2. I cannot wait until the release either! It is Halloween (this if before the Super Bowl). I’m already planning on binge watching season 2 all of Halloween! Thank you for your kind feedback! -_-


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