Everything was ready. The table was set with its elegant organization, and all that was left was the guests. The first guest to arrive was, of course, Desire. He arrived in a grey suit and a grey tie, sitting at the table, tapping his foot and waiting for the feast to begin. The second visitor, Embarrassment, came in a drab looking turncoat. When he saw that Desire had already arrived he blushed and then turned white, looking at his feet. Next came Fatigue. He carried a blanket over his back, and wore a starry nightcap. Once he arrived he fell straight asleep on his chair, snoring loudly.

Next came Boredom in his unbuttoned t-shirt and worn down sweats. He complained to everyone there. Suspicion came too, but he didn’t arrive through the front door. He came from an open window, cautiously making his way to the table filling with guests. Confidence and Delight, the newlyweds, arrived right on time with bright smiles and words of advice.

The last visitor of course came to be Sorrow. He rang the doorbell in tears, and when Delight answered she tried to comfort him, but it was no use. He had a sort of aura to himself. Sorrow sat down sulking in his seat, along with the rest of them, waiting for the feast to start…

© Boundless Daydreams
In response to: Three Line Tales, Week Fifty
Image: Annie Spratt


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