The Internet Is A Lot Like Ancient Egypt: We Write On Walls And Worship Cats


A few weeks ago my friend told me this. I thought it was hilarious. But the thing is, it is totally true. All we do on the internet is type, and write, and share, and communicate with each other through writing. And I am sure everybody loves a good, lighthearted cat video.

So, wow. I don’t even know where to start. I have had such a successful day today with my blog. So far I have gotten seventeen views and seven visitors. Thank you for everybody who supports this blog. I would really love it if you guys follow my blog. That would be the best. I hope to provide you with more posts that connect with other people. So, on that note, we are a lot like the ancient Egyptians. We write to communicate with each other, to connect with other people and ourselves.

Thank you again to all of your support and I hope to get more followers in the near future!


©Boundless Daydreams
Image:Samantha SchollCC By


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