Relax! The Hamilton Mixtape is Out! (A Review)

So… this is my response to the Hamilton Mixtape! You have no idea how excited I am right now! I have been waiting for this thing to come out for a while now! For those of you who don’t know or have any idea what the Hamiton Mixtape is, then just listen very carefully. Many of the songs from the original Broadway cast are sung by some very well known singers, as well as some songs as demos by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I can not fully describe how psyched I am right now!!! Many of the artists include Jimmy Fallon, Regina Spektor, Busta Rymes, The Roots, Nate Ruess, Queen Latifah, Sia, and many many more! So, now that I have told you about this, or if you haven’t gotten to listen to this yet, go and listen to this wonderful album!!!

© Boundless Daydreams


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