Praise For The Broadway Musical “Hamilton”

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical

Let me just say it… Hamilton is a great musical. For the many people who haven’t heard of Hamilton and haven’t listened to it then you should. Even though I personally haven’t seen it (and I really want to) I have respect for this beautifully written and performed hip-hop musical about our founding fathers. And for those people who don’t listen to Hamilton, it’s just because it is different. This cast has performed a trending musical that had been awarded twelve Tony Awards. Talk about amazing awesomeness!

The creator of this show Lin- Manuel Miranda has created a story where kids and adults can learn about the American Revolution and make it fun. This isn’t your classic Broadway musical. At times they may swear, and at times Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton have a rap battle between themselves and you just can’t help but cheering them on.

On that note, if you haven’t listened to Hamilton, you should. This musical is amazing and should be enjoyed by everyone.

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Boundless Daydreamer

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