Guess What… I’m Related To A Witch…

So It was a few days until Halloween and I was catching up on some homework for the weekend when my grandma called. We talked about various things like Orchestra, and Halloween, and Halloween movies. But, then she mentioned something that really caught my attention… we are related to a witch…

Well I wouldn’t say she was a witch, but rather a lady convicted of being a witch back in August 19, 1692. Her name was Martha Carrier. A daughter of a founding family of Andover, she married to a young Welsh servant named Thomas Carrier, with whom she had four children with.

It all started when am man named Reverend Cotton Mather believed that she was an unearthly witch who should be executed during the Salem witch outbreak. She was convicted of witchcraft when the whole town got smallpox except her family. Sure, she was a mean lady and didn’t like other people, but all this piled up and she was executed. However, the Salem documents themselves state that her crime wasn’t witchcraft but “an independence of mind and an unsubmissive character.”

Was she a witch, or simply a mean lady? We may never know, but this tidbit of information was just enough to get me excited about Halloween again.


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