10 Reasons To Get Psyched About Tim Burton’s New Motion Picture

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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children came out on September 30, and like many other fans of the book, I am psyched to see this story come to life. The movie is based on the novel, which combines unearthly photography, a wonderful story, a boy named Jacob whose grandfather dies, and children who possess a special gift called peculiarity.

The movies’ screenplay is brought to life by Jane Goldman, who also composed X-Men: First Class. The director is none other than the marvelous Tim Burton, who, despite a few changes to the story on film, has assured that he stayed true to the novel. Despite these changes, Tim Burton was definitely the best choice for this film. With the perfect sense of darkness and heart, it’s a no brainer why this revolutionary director was chosen for the film.

1: Asa Butterfield Plays As The Main Character

Asa Butterfield is a critically acclaimed actor, best known for his roles in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hugo, Nanny McPhee and Ender’s Game. He received nominations for British Independent Film Award for one of his most popular roles in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and since then has been recognized in some newer popular movies. He also plays the lead role in the new movie called The Space Between Us.

Now he takes the stage once again as Jacob Portman, a boy who’s grandfather dies, and journeys to find out more of his grandfather’s past.

  2: The Release Date Was Originally Planned For September 3rd To Commemorate “Loop Day” In The Film

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In order to commemorate the film, the original release date was set for September 3rd or what is called “Loop Day”. Loop Day is essentially a time-loop, where a ymbryne (women who can turn into birds), like Miss Peregrine, resets a day over and over, in order for the peculiar children to live in peace. Even though this definitely would have been cool, the date was later moved to September 30th.

3: Two Of The Character’s Peculiarities Are Switched

There has been lots of talk about this one. Tim Burton has made a major change in two characters in the book. In the book, Jacob first meets a girl with a spark peculiarity named Emma Bloom, where she has to wear gloves to keep her hands controlled because of her unique fire power. But, in the movie, she has the peculiarity of weightlessness and has to wear lead shoes to keep from floating away. Olive on the other hand , who has the levitating power in the book, now has the fire-control ability.

Now, I personally don’t think this is going to just ruin the whole movie. People really need to remember that the movie and the book are completely different actualities, and if the director stays true to the book then that’s all that matters. The film will just be Tim Burton’s interpretation of the book, and they will both be around for us to enjoy. I mean, we never see the protagonist pulling his love interest along on a rope every day do we?

4: The Iconic Miss Peregrine is Played By The Actress Eva Green


After watching the movie trailers, I have got to say that they made a great choice in casting Eva Greene as Miss Peregrine. Her pale face and dark complexion make her a perfect fit for this mother-like character. Green is seamlessly cast as the pipe smoking, time-manipulating, shape-shifting, orphanage director of very peculiar kids. In fact, she says in an interview with W Magazine

“Miss Peregrine is like a dark Mary Poppins,” Green said. “She has the ability to manipulate time and uses her powers to protect the children. Miss Peregrine will kill for them.” Green smiled in a slightly wicked, knowing way. “And she does! Which was fun.”- Eva Greene in an interview with W Magazine

5: Emma Bloom Is Played By Ella Purnell

In Riggs’ beloved novels Emma Bloom falls in love with Jacob, despite the awkward situation where Emma is 88-years old and previously dated Jacob’s deceased grandfather. Ella is a British actor best known for her teenage version Maleficent, in the past blockbuster Maleficent.

6: Psychiatrist Doctor Golan Is Female In The Movie

The six-time Emmy Award Winner Allison Janney will take the place of the male Dr. Golan, who in the book was Jacob’s psychiatrist who turned out to be a wight. This decision is weird, but I guess it gives way to a whole lot of new questions just waiting to be answered.

7: Mr. Barron Is Samuel L. Jackson


There is a new character created just for the movie… Mr.Barron. This name was taken from the many aliases of Dr. Golan in the book, but in the movie, Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Barron, leader of the wights. Wights were once hollowgasts who spend their time finding peculiar children to feed to them, in an attempt to make the hollowgasts mortal again, and succeed in their attempt to become immortal. Sounds intense right?!

8: Judi Dench Is Miss Avocet


This award-winning actor plays as another ymbryne in the movie and is as close to royalty as ymbrynes get. She practically raised a ton of the other ymbrynes who are in charge of multiple other time loops. She, as her name suggests, can turn into an avocet bird, just as Miss Peregrine can turn into a peregrine falcon.

9: There Are Many Strong Female Characters In The Movie

In the movie, there are many strong and incredible female characters, including Miss Peregrine. Other than Miss Peregrine there is Emma Bloom, Fiona, Olive, and many others.

10: The Movie Is Directed By Visionary Director Tim Burton


Many people have been waiting for another Tim Burton success ever since his last home run Sweeny Todd. Now fans are waiting for hopefully his next big hit. Let’s hope he blows us away.


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