Insight on Haikus: Dreaming of Reality

So I thought that needed to post something this week other than my book review on The Angel Experiment so I decided to post a simple haiku. Here is my masterpiece (wink, wink).

A hidden landscape

constructed by humankind 

Reality’s dreams.

Most everyone knows what a haiku is but very few explore its history and meaning. Haikus are seventeen syllable poems arranged in lines of five, seven, five. Acquired from its verse form haikai, it was known as a hokku in the seventeenth century. Back then it was restricted to nature or a season of the year. However, a great master named Basho refined this form of poetry to a beautiful and creative form of art.

My response to this post? At least every week I will write some sort of poem. I feel that haiku and many other forms of poetry will help me in finding original ideas for a novel someday. (Yes, I want to write a novel, big deal).

Farewell. Despedida (Portuguese).

©The Over Average Teen

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